WWII Vet Honored, 70 Years Late!!!

It took seventy years but finally my friend Paul Roberts, 92 of Kensington, M.D. was awarded a Legion of Honor at the Embassy of France in Washington March 4th for his service as an OSS (Office of Strategic Services) agent in France during World War II. Following the war Paul became a first class journalist and true to form was interviewing the other 39 American war veterans honored at the Embassy ceremony.
There were few dry eyes in the assembled guests as the now elderly boys of the war in France came to attention and saluted as “The Star Spangled Banner” and “La Marseillaise” were played.

French Consul General Oliver Serat Almeraz made a stirring speech of tribute to the war vets before awarding the Legion of Honor.
Among friends congratulating Paul was OSS Society President Charles Pink and daughter Lisa Roberts and her family.

Vive la France!

Vive Americans who fought in France!!!     — Don North

Legion of Honor Medals France Markle Miner Pfeifer Roberts Shaffer Trumbore Vogel Yungling Awarding of Legion of Honor L'egion d'honeur Consul General at the Legion of Honor Awards Ceremony Paul Roberts with his family after receiving Legion D'Honneur recognition WWII Veterans saluting after received Legion D'Honneur medals Paul Roberts speaks with others after receiving Legion of Honor medal Paul Roberts of Kensington MD salutes after receiving Legion of Honor Medal Paul Roberts and daughter Lisa Roberts after Legion of Honor Award for work in OSS Office of Strategic Services in France in WWII