Our Political World


I think we are all entitled to feel some despair over the state of our world and of the United States. I sure do, even after a lifetime of covering the news. In recent weeks there has been an avalanche of evidence of our species endless capacity for stupidity, savagery and tribal hatred. It all explains why the surest sign there is intelligent alien life in the universe is that they have  never tried to contact us.
How did we end up with two of the most unpopular candidates in the country for President? They say we get the type of leaders we deserve!!
But as George Will wrote in the Post this morning..”.”.sooner or later, we all sit down to a banquet of consequences.”
Have heart! There are still a few intelligent voices out there in the roar of opinions. Andrew Bacevich, former US Army Col. in Vietnam and now professor of History at Boston University has written a lot in recent years that is worth thinking about. This article in Tom Dispatch today is one of his best….”Pseudo-Election 2016.” And don’t miss his link to Eisenhower’s last speech as President that speaks to the dilemma we find ourselves in today.