A Day after the Election.

Dear friends abroad…and here at home.

After writing a mocking and insulting letter about candidate Trump a few days ago I feel its necessary not to be silent on this the day after the election, a day that I consider the darkest day in modern history. There are two dates Americans will never forget…9/11 and 11/9 that will live in infamy. On January 20, 2017, we will say farewell to Barack Obama, the first African American President and a man of integrity, dignity and spirit and see the inauguration of a man who welcomed the endorsement of forces of xenophobia and white supremacy, a man of unbounded bigotry and misogyny. A facist, racist and sexual predator has become President of the most powerful democracy on earth. And prepare to tolerate his cabal of evil that he brings on his coat tails…Newt Gingrich, Rudy Guliani, Chris Christie, David  Duke and the new arbitors  of journalism

Steve Barron and Roger Ailes. My friends, prepare to dine on a meal of consequences of this election. Prepare to reap what we have sown. This is not just a nightmare we can wake up from, this is the new reality we will have to live with.

One of my friends criticized my anti-Trump letter of a few days ago as being “biased” and spurning the principles of good journalism. However, I have increasingly come to embrace the wisdom of the late Texas journalist Molly Ivens who once observed, “There is no such thing as objectivity. And the truth, that slippery little bugger, has the oddest habit of being way to hell off on one side or the other; it seldom nestles neatly halfway between any two opposing points of view.”  Some journalists have done a remarkable job of reporting Trump’s hidden character and mendacity in this campaign. But media malpractice as ratings and profit motivated tv networks abetted Trump’s rise by granting him free, uncritical access to the airwaves. The press’s most serious failures are not its sins of commission, but its sins of omission …the stories we miss because they don’t hold press conferences. It’s easier to miss the stories when the reporters don’t care, when “objectivity” becomes a mask for indifference. But despite Trump’s pathological dishonesty and disdain for the First Amendment, much of the media portrayed him as a “normal” candidate for the presidency.

I believe in the traditions and greatness of this country to survive. As Will Rogers once said, “That we have had such lousy Presidents and still survived shows we are a super nation.” A few friends have suggested now would be a good time to return to Canada, the country of my birth. But I believe we will survive a President Trump by keeping faith in the democratic process, the Constitution and our First amendment rights and that as journalist “scum” we must oppose the worst policies of a Trump presidency and hold him to account.  The battle is over, not the war. It’s time to reload, recharge and get back to the battle ground. Courage!

Love Don

2 thoughts on “A Day after the Election.

  1. The 5 stages of grief and loss are: 1. Denial and isolation; 2. Anger; 3. Bargaining; 4. Depression; 5. Acceptance.
    Hi Don! It appears you may have skipped phase 1 and moved right to phase 2. (LOL)
    I like the website – you certainly have done some extraordinary things over the years!
    Haven’t seen you in a while – hope you and Deanna are well! Dr. T

  2. For some reason the “Merchants of Baghdad” popped in my head today. I did a google search for those stories from 13 years ago and found your name so googled you as well. I was one of the OTs who worked with the men (I worked for Ottobock st the time). I’ve wondered how they are all doing and if you had maintained connection with anyone.

    Sorry to post on this thread randomly but the contact form was not working.

    Hope all is well with you!

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