The War Over the Vietnam War

Exclusive: The Pentagon has retreated somewhat from its recent campaign to rewrite the Vietnam War history to push the discredited theory that the military strategy was sound, just undercut by disloyal war reporters and a misled public, a modest victory for truth, as war correspondent Don North describes.


Here’s an article fashioned out of my speech in April 2015 to the Vietnam Peace Commemoration Committee following the retreat of the Penagon on plans to “re-write” the Vietnam war.
It was written while flying over the North Pole on Air China after having to cut the visit to Vietnam hours before the big parade. Any inspiration for it I owe to fellow old hacks who provided much of the thought behind it and who I salute for their astute analysis after all these years have gone by.
My friend Bob Parry formerly of Newsweek and the editor of helps keep me focused and translates my often rampant polemics into acceptable thoughts for the internet.
Certainly a nod to Carl for his patience and negotiating skills too.