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Inappropriate Conduct promo A book trailer for Inappropriate Conduct: Mystery of a disgraced war correspondent. By Don North.

Embassy in Crisis To commemorate the recent 50th anniversary of the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, the United States Diplomacy Center hosted a panel of eye witnesses to take us back to the night of the attack.

Guazapa: Yesterdays Enemies Trailer  In 1983, war correspondent Don North went behind the guerrilla lines in El Salvador to spend two months in Guazapa, one of the bloodiest battlegrounds of the civil war.

Guazapa: Yesterdays Enemies  Veteran journalist Don North returns to El Salvador to see how the country has changed since its civil war.

Guazapa: Yesterday’s Enemies Archbishop Oscar Romero was assassinated in San Salvador March 24 1980 by government death squads. It marked the beginning of the 12 year civil war between government forces and the FMLN guerrillas.

Trailer for GUAZAPA: YESTERDAY’S ENEMIES   GUAZAPA is a personal documentary produced by journalist Don North who reported on the bloody conflict for American television in the 1980’s. in 2007 North returned to the mountainous region of Guazapa to “see people, after more than 25 years, that he didn’t know were still alive.