“Inappropriate Conduct” Review

“Inappropriate Conduct: Mystery of a Disgraced War Correspondent,” about World War II Canadian war correspondent Paul Morton, is a fascinating read that I only wish more Americans, whether journalists or historians themselves, knew about. From the opening pages of the book, Canadian author and broadcast journalist Don North makes it his personal mission to educate us readers, especially those of us south of the 49th Parallel, on the braveness of Mr. Morton, on assignment during WWII Italy for the Toronto Daily Star, and the tragedy that befell him at the hands of an unscrupulous editor back in Toronto, who took exception to Morton’s transition from journalist to soldier and fired him for it. An action that basically destroyed Morton’s life. North punctuates his expose of Morton with a thoroughly engaging history of the Italian partisans during the war with whom Morton fought while he wrote their story, and how they aided the Allied effort to defeat Germany. No small task since their country was aligned with the Nazis through much of the war. As I read this, I could not help but feel Don North’s interjection of his own career covering, for American TV networks, both the Vietnam War, the war that followed it in Central America, and the conflict in the Middle East. “Inappropriate Conduct” will hook you from its opening pages and keep your rapt attention throughout. I highly recommend this book.
Marc Phillip Yablonka
Vietnam Bao Chi: Warriors of Word and Film