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Assault on the Embassy: The Tet Offensive Fifty Years Later

On January 31, 1968, Viet Cong forces attacked the U.S. Embassy in Saigon as part of the Tet Offensive, a turning point in the Vietnam War. On the eve of the 50th anniversary, veteran war correspondent Don North takes us back to that momentous event. By Don North ABC News correspondent Don North covering the Vietnam … Continue reading Assault on the Embassy: The Tet Offensive Fifty Years Later

Homage to Barcelona

Exclusive: Like many separatist movements, the push for Catalonian independence from Spain results from a mix of historic grievances, cultural pride and economic challenges, as war correspondent Don North describes. By Don North Before embarking for a visit to Barcelona, the hotbed of Catalonian independence, I was disappointed to find little historical analysis about the enigma … Continue reading Homage to Barcelona

The Dangerous Business of Journalism

As information warfare becomes a hotter topic, journalists have become bigger targets for repression and even assassination, a troubling trend that is spreading across the globe, reports veteran war correspondent Don North. November 7, 2017 By Don North Amid a surge in violence against journalists, two Paris-based press-freedom organizations have launched a project aimed at … Continue reading The Dangerous Business of Journalism