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Author Don North Captures the Shocking Experience of a Journalist during World War II

A seamless, powerful narrative that speaks to tenuous relationship between the truth and propaganda during the war

WASHINGTON,D.C.–Inappropriate Conduct: Mystery of a disgraced war correspondent (published by iUniverse) and written by author Don North captures the experience of Toronto Star journalist Paul Morton who found himself not just reporting World War II but fighting his own personal battle in a shocking turn of events that led to disastrous consequences for his career.

Morton volunteered in 1944 to parachute behind Nazi lines and report on the guerrilla war being waged by Italian partisans. But after he spent two months writing a series, the British Army changed its battle strategy and ordered stories on the partisans to cease. Morton’s stories were “spiked”, and his accreditation as a war correspondent was revoked. Morton was subsequently fired by the Toronto Star after they unfairly claimed his reporting was fabricated.

Eye-opening and gripping from beginning to end, Inappropriate Conduct shares the dramatic true story of how Morton became the target of a ruthless campaign that shattered his journalistic integrity and his career. Author Don North captures Morton’s experiences using Morton’s previously unpublished memoir and archival sources to create a seamless, powerful narrative that speaks to the tenuous relationship between truth and propaganda during the war.

Don North has written a cautionary tale why journalists should be wary of manipulation by the military when covering conflict. And today, there is as much secrecy and as many covert military operations as there were in Morton’s time.”

About the Author

Don North spent over 40 years as a war reporter and foreign correspondent. He was a cameraman and reporter for ABC and NBC News during the Vietnam War and covered the Yom Kippur War in Israel in 1973. He embedded with the “mujahideen” in Afghanistan when they were fighting the Soviets, and later with the 101st Airborne when they went into Iraq in 2003. He also reported on the conflicts in Bosnia, Kosovo, Nicaragua and El Salvador. He is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, having created memorable films about the guerillas in El Salvador.